Gas and Electricity prices vary dependant on where you live and how much you use! Sounds simple, but just because one company is cheapest for one person doesn’t mean it’s cheapest for you. There are many other aspects you may wish to look into, for example reward points or discounts on energy saving technologies. Using, CompareGroup gives you access to compare a number of providers, tariffs & benefits. Switching is also easy as your new provider will do all the work for you, so compare your current provider and see how much you could save.
Business Electricity and Gas prices can fluctuate hugely over the contract period. You may find the provider you are with is no longer the most competitive or able to cater for your needs. Using CompareGroup you can compare a large number of business power providers and give yourself the chance to cut your overheads, reduce your expenditure and improve your bottom line!
Should your boiler break down, call out charges, labour and parts can add up to a large unwelcome bill. There are now many providers that will take that burden away from you. Whether you want all aspects covered or just the essentials covered you can compare the options with CompareGroup.
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